Utah Climate Week 2020

Join us for Utah Climate Week!

September 21 – September 27th


We know that this is a uniquely challenging time for all of us. While we seek to do our part to reduce the risks of COVID-19, the impacts of climate change can be seen everywhere we look.

We see catastrophic megafires alongside our neighbors on the Pacific Coast, record hurricane activity in the Atlantic Ocean, and Earth’s glaciers and ice sheets continuing to melt at a rapid pace. But we see climate solutions growing around us well: rapid adoption of clean energy, vibrant civic activism by our youth, and state and local leaders prioritizing a safe climate and clean air.  

While we juggle all our new socially distanced lives, we need chances to come together at this moment to discuss the challenge ahead of us. 

The purpose of Utah Climate Week is to engage Utahns and local leaders by discussing the local risks and challenges associated with a changing climate, and more importantly, identify and share solutions focused on building a safer, more equitable, sustainable, and resilient future for Utah. 

The virtual events on-deck include community panels, educational workshops, and film screenings.  For more information, visit the Utah Climate Week calendar on the Utah Climate Action Network website.

If your event is not listed, please submit your event details here.

We strongly encourage you to share photos, videos, the Climate Week calendar, and resources with the #UtahClimateWeek hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.