Urban Resilience to Extremes Strategic Research Network

How State Governments Can Help Communities Invest in Climate Resilience

October 14, 2020 | 11:15 am – 12:45 pm

The challenge of climate resilience is mostly local. But local governments don’t have all of the capacities, including financial wherewithal, to cope alone during the next decades. States have the ability and responsibility to make a difference in building local climate resilience. They reap the rewards of improved quality of life, reduced disaster impacts and increased economic stability for their constituents.

This webinar will discuss: What financial strategies can state governments use to help local governments invest in climate resilience? What resources do states have to fund and finance resilience? How can states expand federal pre-disaster funding? What can states do to enable local governments to raise local funds for resilience projects? How can private investment in local resilience be increased?

In this interactive session, state and local leaders from around the country and resilience finance experts will share their insights. Webinar supported by Climate Resilience Consulting, Innovation Network for Communities and Urban Resilience to Extremes Strategic Research Network. Research supported by the Summit Foundation.