What We Do

Fostering diverse conversation, leadership, and coordinated action to ensure a collaborative response to climate change and its impacts on the people, economies, and prosperity of Utah.

What is the Network?

The Utah Climate Action Network is a partnership between government, research institutions, non-profits/foundations, faith-based organizations, the private sector, and individuals working to address climate change in Utah.

The Network supports:

  • Cross-sector relationships and connections
  • Shared understanding of local climate change issues and solutions
  • Collaborative regional climate action and long-term resilience
  • Leadership in climate change impact sectors


What is Climate Action?

Reducing Emissions:

  • Energy efficiency & conservation
  • Renewable energy & projects
  • Active, low-carbon transportation

Enhancing Resiliency:

  • Identifying climate vulnerabilities
  • Water resource management
  • Supporting social, economic & natural systems


Climate Action Framework

The initial focus of the Network is to drive action, understanding and collaboration through the following efforts. Also known as Impact Drivers, these efforts connect to six key priority areas for climate action.

  • Public Engagement. Develop and deliver a clear and consistent climate message that informs Utah citizens of science-based climate realities and compels them to engage in individual or group climate solutions.
  • Leadership and Policies. Build support for local leaders and decision-makers in the public and private sector to recognize climate risks and take actions to reduce impacts and enhance resiliency.
  • Enhanced System-Level Response. Support the inclusion of carbon mitigation and climate adaptation and priorities in existing organizational, partner, and regional efforts. Incorporate sector-based best practices and opportunities to reduce emissions and prepare for climate impacts.